iPad Repair by Revive Technologies

Mac repair services

by Revive Technologies

Revive Technologies is Apple Authorized Service Provider which offers broad range of repair service options for your Mac, whether for accidental damage, out of warranty, or Apple Care warranty repair.

Has your Mac suffered a liquid spill or accidental damage? Revive Technologies has performed thousands of accidental damage repairs.

Is your Mac is out of warranty? Whatever the issue - Mac not booting, slow operation, no power, lines on display, Revive Technologies can provide quote for repairs.

Is your Mac covered under AppleCare warranty? Revive Technologies can handle all Mac hardware-related AppleCare warranty issues.

We can give you good turnarounds to get you up and going quickly so you can get back to enjoying your Apple Mac.

Revive Technologies will provide quote before any repairs commences.

Find out if your iPhone has AppleCare, by following the link and entering your serial number here.

If you have any questions regarding our services, please contact us or call at (02) 9774 8666.